Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ITP Weekend 2013

Our aspirant instructors are in the home stretch of their yearlong Instructor Training Program. In addition, to classroom and field training experiences focused on basic outdoor living skills, teaching/coaching process, wilderness medical training and the development of mountain sense they have been exposed to a variety of outdoor pursuit’s disciplines. The purpose of these exposure trainings is familiarize future instructors with the fundamentals associated with different disciplines and to afford them the opportunity to observe senior staff teaching and managing people, equipment and the environment. This weekend the cohort of 12 aspirants participated in a mountain skills clinic and implemented a self-designed day trip with senior staff observing and providing feedback.

We still have some great trips going out this season! Stop by the Wilderness Office in Alliot 204 to sign up for ice climbing, backcountry ski and ride and snow shoeing trips.

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