Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Weekend Out: "What a glorious day to be on a mountain!"

This past weekend we sent our first trips of the year into the field where they enjoyed the nice weather and fun was had by all. So much fun that Wilderness Leader Vicky Cooley couldn't help but exclaim "What a glorious day to be on a mountain!"

A stargazer hike went up Snake Mountain on Friday night to look for some stars and try to get a glance at the blue moon. Unfortunately the cloud cover made it hard to see the sky, but on the bright side the group did get to see a lot of toads!

The group looking for some stars at the summit.
Luckily, wilderness leader and yoga lover Gina Pandolfo was  around to lead the group some late night yoga!
Gina leading the group in some late night yoga.

Wilderness leader Emma Kast doing a forward fold on the summit of Snake.

The clouds that the stargazers saw on their trip rolled out on Saturday, giving our first sea kayaking trip of the year some awesome weather out on Lake Champlain where they spent the day exploring.

Exploring Lake Champlain.

Resting on some rocks before getting back out on the water.

The group taking in the sunshine.

Wilderness Leader Harper Fendler enjoying the day.

The group out on the water.

It was also a glorious day to be on a lake!

Harper taking in the view.

Our first rock trip also took in the nice weather at Upper West Bolton where they spent the day climbing.

A rock climber working out the crux.

Rock climber getting ready to be lowered after a successful climb.

Thumbs up!

On belay.

Working out the corner.

On Sunday, a group of hikers went out and took in some amazing views of the Green Mountains. It was these amazing views that Vicky Cooley described as "glorious" and I think we can all understand why!
Checking out the Green Mountains.

Wilderness Leader Grey Switzer leading his group up to the summit.

Approaching in the summit of Jay.

"What a glorious day to be on a mountain!" -Victoria Cooley

Interested in leading trips for the program? Come to our informational meeting on Wednesday at 6 pm in the Vermont Room!
Or stop by the Wilderness Office in Alliot 204 to sign up for trips!

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