Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kayaking Instructor Training

We spend a lot of time doing behind the scenes training in the Wilderness Program. We had two awesome days of paddling in the past month: one on Champlain for sea kayaking and one on the Lamoille River to run rapids. Thanks to all the instructors who came out and participated!

Camden Latimer working on balance.

Betsy Manero working on paddling.
Camden shredding the lake.

The group moving out.

Gina Pandolfo being the boss.

Lauren McHatten shredding the gnar.

Taking a break in the eddie.

Betsy Manero running the river.

Derek Piette looking good.

A great move into the current.

Who needs boats?

Boats are for squares.

Group photo op.

Maine girls forever.

Moving out to the rapids.

Todd Wright: resident pro.

Lauren paddling to the eddie.

Emma Kast on her way.

Derek checking out a rock.

 A big thanks to Harper Fendler for giving up some free time to work with the newbies!

Interested in going on a paddling trip? Stop by our office in Alliot 204 to sign up! We offer white water and sea kayaking!

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