Monday, February 10, 2014

Snake Mountain Snowshoe

The snowshoe-crew.
As the weather warmed from the unbearable arctic vortex, an ecstatic group of students ventured to Snake Mountain for a night of stargazing at the 1200’ summit. Upon arriving at the parking lot, it was evident that the arctic vortex had one more night on its itinerary with temperatures hovering around 10 and wind chills down to -5 degrees. Who ever said cold weather could hold back a group of SMC students?! After learning the gear from assistant instructor, Forrest Owen, the group made their way up the ice covered trail to the summit. Once there, the group was welcomed to a 180 degree view Vermont scenery darkened by a moonless sky. Although the stars were not out, the group had some fun with absorbing the silence of the Vermont wilderness and participating in some light writing. After thirty minutes at the summit, we began our descent back down the icy slope and back to the van.

All in all the hike was a good one with many new friends. Interested in going on a hike just like this one? Go to the Wilderness office on the second floor of Alliot Hall! We are offering snowshoe hikes, backcountry skiing, ice climbing and mountaineering trips but they are filling up fast!

Tom and Forrest

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