Monday, October 1, 2012

55 Students in the Field: That must be a new record.

That's right: this weekend our student instructors brought fifty-five students into the field! These students took part in climbing, kayaking, white water rafting and hiking in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York.

The weekend started out with a bouldering trip on Friday to Smuggler's Notch. Bouldering consists of shorter rock routes on large boulders, located close enough to the ground eliminating the need for a rope. We're lucky enough to have Smuggler's Notch, a prime location for bouldering, right in our back yard!

The Top Out

Reaching for a hold.

Pinching on the start.

Getting the final move.

Working on one of the classic problems in the Notch.

Making the crux move.

Almost at the top!

The crux move.

Smiles all around.

We sent a group of students to the Adirondacks for a day of white water rafting down the Hudson River. Even through the wind and rain, the group still had a great day of rafting!

The group getting outfitted with all the needed gear.

Enjoying the sun in the morning.

Saint Mike's students conquering a rock.

Taking a dip!

Taking a lunch break.

At least there was some good weather!

Thanks to John, our awesome rafting guide for the day!


A great day on the Hudson River!

An all female group of rock climbers went out for the day on Saturday to participate in our annual Women's Rock 101. Even though the group expected rain, it turned out to be a beautiful day at Bolton Valley.

Working her way up the chimney.

Two climbers working on the crux.

Another chimney climber.

Smiling after reaching the top.

Can you spot the climber?
Lunch break!
WP Leader Betsy Manero giving a climber the low down on rappelling.
WP Leader Kat Keane giving a rappelling example.
Getting ready to rappel.

Rappelling past some great foliage.

Rappelling... with an amazing view!
More rappelling...

What's more fun than going up? Coming down!
A great stance... She's ready to go down.
One climber on the corner and one in the face.
Thanks to our awesome guide, Andrea from Petra Cliffs!
A group of paddlers headed out to Lake Champlain on Saturday. Due to some high winds, the kayaker's took refuge in a protected river for the day.

Taking a paddle up the river to avoid the wind.
The typical kayaking shot. Very Artsy.
Kayaker enjoying the protection from the wind. 
Learning some paddling technique from kayaking expert and WP Leader James Coolidge.
Taking a break.
Paddling around some sail boats.
Heading towards the bridge and back out into open water.
Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day. A group of hikers headed over to Mount Mansfield for an awesome day in nature, even if there was a little wind on the summit!

Stopping for a photo op.
Hiding out in a cave.

A little windy on the summit.
Keeping warm through the wind.
Working their way up to the summit.
Almost at the summit.

Trying to stay out of the wind.

A group of paddlers went out on Sunday to run some rapids. They had a great time on the Lamoile River.

What a great group of kayakers!

Getting ready to launch.

Scoping out the rapids.

Waiting to run the rapids.

Hanging out in an eddy.

Running the rapids!

Getting after it!

Surfing every eddie!

A great job to all the paddlers who came out!

The group after a great day of kayaking.
Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the program last weekend! Stop by Alliot 204 to sign up for trips! We'll have paddling, hiking and climbing trips all semester!

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