Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Rainy Weekend in the Field

Even though the weather wasn't prime this weekend, the Wilderness Program still ran trips as scheduled. Our student instructors and clients had tons of fun despite the weather!

We ran an anchor building clinic on Saturday at Lower West Bolton. Despite cool temperatures and misty weather, 5 students and 1 faculty member joined senior Andy Hogan and assistant director Eben Widlund for a full day workshop on setting up top rope climbs and safely rappelling down them.  Everyone had fun, stayed warm, and mostly dry.

Scoping out the tree to see if it's strong enough for an anchor.

WP Leader Andy Hogan teaching rappelling.

Coiling rope.

Working on the top of 5.7 Slab.

Thanks to WP Leader Andy Hogan for doing a great job with the clinic!

A group of students headed to Camel's Hump on Saturday and had a jolly good time in the rain.

Taking a break in the rain.

Summiting in the fog.

Is this a kayaking trip or a hiking trip?

There was still a view through the fog!

Celebrations at the summit!
There are still spots left on our trips this weekend! Stop by the Wilderness Office in Aliott 204 to sign up!

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