Monday, October 1, 2012

Mount Washington Overnight

We run some pretty cool trips with the Wilderness Program, one of the coolest being the Mount Washington overnight trip. A group of students had the opportunity to spend a night in beautiful Mount Washington Valley before driving up to Pinkham Notch early the next morning to hike one of New England's most famous peaks: Mount Washington.

Getting pumped in the parking lot.

Group shot early in the morning.

Taking a break from the grueling hike.

One of many amazing views.

Heading up the Lion's Head Trail.

It's a little known fact that WP Leader Harper Fendler was actually a child model for L.L. Bean

Photo bomb.

Are we there yet?

A chilly morning at the trail head.

Starting up Washington.

Making new friends.

Showing off their brute strength.

Blue steel.
Just getting some extra fiber.

A good looking group in front of a good looking view.

Looking into Tuckerman Ravine.

Ski trails in the background... Is it winter yet?


Happy faces after finding an amazing view.

Why yes, the Wilderness Program is the coolest organization on campus.

Don't worry. The WP Leaders are on the case.

Group shot.

Looking into the famous bowl of Tuckerman Ravine.
Celebrating after a successful day in the mountains.

This is just one of the many awesome trips the Wilderness Program runs! Stop by our office in Alliot 204 to sign up today!

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